Golf Fee Card

The smart golfer doesn't travel without it!

The smart golfer doesn’t travel without it! The GOLF FEE CARD® has enjoyed International popularity since 1993. The customized savings card for golfers who want to Tee off on their play and stay journey.


Our services / your advantages

The GOLF FEE CARD® is not only made for established golfers, also beginners will enjoy their services. They start playing golf easily on a GOLF FEE CARD® journey

Prices for the GOLF FEE CARD® membership:

  • the contribution for 12 months: € 90.— / US $ 120.—
    (partner card € 48.— / US $ 62.—)
  • the contribution for 36 months: € 179.— / US $ 239.—
    (partner card € 101.— / US $ 139.—-)


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iPhone & Android App!

GFC App für iOS

You can download the convenient GOLF FEE CARD® iPhone App for free from the Apple App Store to your iPhone. This app not only provides the complete range of GOLF FEE CARD® partners, you also offers maps and nearby GFC partner resorts and golf courses with precise GPS location information.

Owners of other smartphones can use (nearly) the same functionality with the GOLF FEE CARD® Web-App on or with the GOLF FEE CARD® Android App that can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

Erhältlich im App Store Android app on Google Play

GOLF FEE CARD® holders book their tee times and nights conveniently online here on



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